#JBOP Giving back to Uganda

#JBOP is an acronym for the Ji-ai blackstar Outlet Programme, assisting Ugandan creatives in marketing their Art, Jewellery, Crafts and Fashion globally. Founded by the blackstar.STUDIO Valencia, Spain and the Ji-ai Fashion House of Kampala, Uganda. A project dedicated to natives of Uganda only, who are patriotic and passionate about creativity and art.
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Offering A Gateway To Success

As part of the Ji-ai Fashion House’s commitment to the community, we want to assist all the creative artists and fashion designers of Uganda. Offering an outlet for sales and promotions throughout Europe and globally, for authentic African clothing, jewellery and art products, in an aim to further the careers and prospects for Uganda talent by means of a European gateway.

Visit The Ji-ai Fashion House

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Our Resources Are Yours

We are opening the doors of the Ji-ai retail shop in Valencia Spain and are partnered with the blackstar.STUDIO which is equipped for exhibitions. Combine this with our online presence, media marketing, an online store, strategic promotions, over 40,000 Facebook followers, regular events and a dedicated patriotic team, we offer you the freedom to fly and the success you deserve.

Visit The blackstar.STUDIO

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A Creative Community

Also we offer you the opportunity to reach potential clients on an international scale via a variety of platforms, options and possibilities. Ji-ai wants to work with you and your creative work is our passion, building longevity and growth as well as a designer hub and network of Ugandan talent. So why not join our patriotic journey and share in the success... Your success!
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Be a part of the Ji-ai Fashion Outlet Programme...

Based your support, Ji-ai plans to open more dedicated, Ugandan talent, communal retail outlets.
So join us today!

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Your Questions Answered:

How do I join?
Simply complete the online form by clicking the image link at the bottom of the page and register.

Is it free?
Our intention to keep costs to you at a minimum. We charge a flat rate registration package fee of 500k UGX per year with additional optional extras and we can offer bespoke packages to suit your requirements.

What do I get?
  • Your own one page BIO or editorial page on our website.
  • Your own named category heading and listings of your products for sale on our online shop.
  • Your goods displayed in our retail shop.
  • Your own or shared exhibition in our studio.
  • Social media and marketing strategies to promote you internationally.
  • Agency promotional sales service, to gain you overseas wholesale orders from other retail outlets.

Is it limited to fashion?
No! We are interested in assisting an array of creative people from Uganda: Fashion Designers, Artists, Craft Makers, Sculptors, Jewellery Designers and more.

Do I send samples?
Yes, we require you to send at least one of each product that you wish to sell. We then professionally photograph your item, add it to the online shop, promote it via the various platforms, display it in our shop and ultimately gain you orders.

Who ships the orders?
For purposes of quality control, products sold via Ji-ai and the blackstar.STUDIO are shipped from us direct to the client. This means that we sell your sample and pay you direct. You can then replenish your item if you wish to sell more.

How do I get paid?
We make payments to you by whatever means is most suitable, normally via World Remit, Airtel, MTN or PayPal. You shall be notified immediately of any sales and you can check your status via the online shop.

I have more questions!
Please do not hesitate in contacting us with any questions that you may have, we are here to assist. We shall ensure that all aspects are known to you prior to any sales, such as commissions, procedures etc. We aim to be as transparent as possible and our goal is to open opportunities for you and support the creative talents of Uganda.
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Memebership Package

10 Shop Item Listings
1 Item for Retail Display
1 Web Page BIO/Editorial
Social Media Marketing
500k UGX Per Year

Additional Option 1

+20 Shop Item Listings
+5 Retail Display Items
+Extra Promo Marketing
1 Shared Exhibit Event
+300k UGX Per Year

Additional Option 2

+40 Shop Item Listings
+10 Retail Display Items
1 Week Studio Exhibition
International Agent Service
+800k UGX Per Year

Studio Options

1 Week Exhibit +800k UGX
2 Week Exhibit +1.2m UGX
3 Week Exhibit +1.6m UGX
4 Week Exhibit +2m UGX
Shared Exhibits Half Price
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