JBOP Protocol of the Outlet Programme

Designed for minimum cost but maximum profit for you!
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How the procedure works...

Here is a guide to step you through the process.
  • After successful registration and acceptance you need to pay the one year membership fee of 500k UGX
  • If the price is an issue then we are happy to split the payment into two six monthly payments of 250k UGX
  • OR quarterly payments of 150k UGX (every 3 months - totaling 600k UGX per year)
  • Other additional options are available at extra rates but the choice is yours and can be added at any time.
  • You are responsible for shipping at least 10 items to the blackstar.STUDIO Spain.
  • We require accompanying information such as: Names / Titles of your items, Brief descriptions and Prices.
  • If we feel that you can earn more from your items, we shall advise and agree new prices accordingly.
  • An agreed commission shall be added but this will not affect your earnings from sales.
  • Every step of the procedure shall be documented for your safety and security, and ours.
  • Once we receive your items, we shall professionally photograph them for online shop use and for marketing promotions.
  • At least one of your items shall be displayed in our retail shop.
  • We promote your items for sale via various platforms.
  • You can keep track of your items for sale via the online shop.
  • Once your item has been sold and shipped by us, you shall be paid immediately via the payment method of your choice.
  • You are free to replenish sold items, add new items or change items for sale.
  • Naturally there has to be an element of trust, good will and faith between yourself and us.
  • We also require text and images from yourself in order to create a single dedicated web page for you, like an editorial or BIO.
  • For additional exhibitions simply choose the number of weeks you wish to exhibit and pay accordingly.
  • If getting a Visa is an issue, then we are happy to exhibit on your behalf.
  • For those selling Art we urge you to allow us to sell limited edition reprints of your work, from which you earn too.
  • All correspondence shall be made clear and transparent so that you know exactly what is happening.
  • Our goal is to earn you money (and us), get you recognised, marketed and trading internationally.
JBOP Protocol

Your Freedom To Fly

You shall be able to see clearly, and shall be notified of the various ways in which we shall be promoting your work and encourage you to share the relevant social media posts and links. If you have any questions or ideas then please do not hesitate in contacting us.
We are here to help!

How to pay for your membership...
Your JBOP Membership payments can be made via PayPal to the email address of: shop@blackstar.studio
Or via Mobile Money to the number of: +256 775 881266
Please use you name as payment reference and a receipt shall be emailed to you for confirmation.
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Memebership Package

10 Shop Item Listings
1 Item for Retail Display
1 Web Page BIO/Editorial
Social Media Marketing
500k UGX Per Year

Additional Option 1

+20 Shop Item Listings
+5 Retail Display Items
+Extra Promo Marketing
1 Shared Exhibit Event
+300k UGX Per Year

Additional Option 2

+40 Shop Item Listings
+10 Retail Display Items
1 Week Studio Exhibition
International Agent Service
+800k UGX Per Year

Studio Options

1 Week Exhibit +800k UGX
2 Week Exhibit +1.2m UGX
3 Week Exhibit +1.6m UGX
4 Week Exhibit +2m UGX
Shared Exhibits Half Price
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