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As well as being the founder of the Ji-ai, Charity is also an artist by the name of Chaxie, and the co-founder of #JBOP the Ji-ai blackstar Outlet Programme, assisting Ugandan creatives in marketing their Art, Jewellery, Crafts and Fashion globally in association with the blackstar.STUDIO
Ji-ai Fashion House Meet Charity Priscilla Namiyonga

Charity Priscilla Stachini

With a deep sense of cultural pride, heritage and tradition Charity has studied and worked hard to enhance her natural capabilities of being a designer of vision.

Embracing community spirit she sources local material where possible and draws upon her self awareness of modern times to produce the dynamics of her creativity.

About Charity Pricilla Namiyonga founder of Ji-ai Fashion House

Charity Priscilla Stachini has set the benchmark for a new generation of designers. With the aid of technology and worldwide travel, the tools to capitalise on global commerce by means of international shows and media exposure are set to enhance her future career further.

For today and all your tomorrows

This self assured innovator of style has lead her to become inspirational to others at the Ji-ai Fashion House and other young designers of whom she encourages.

Though predominantly concentrating her passion on ladies fashion and accessories, Charity also offers lines in children's wear, wedding garments and jewellery.

About Charity Pricilla Namiyonga founder of Ji-ai Fashion House

African influences around the world are nothing new, however as word spreads of the Ji-ai Fashion House, interest in Charity Priscilla Stachini is becoming increasingly more notable and regarding her as a serious contender throughout the clothing and fashion industry.

"Creating fashions for the era and styles for eternity."

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