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Ji-ai News from the Fashion House of Uganda

African Pride

The Ji-ai Fashion House embraces all that is creative and traditional from the arts and design or African heritage. With an open mind to promote others for the unity of getting African fashion, art, design and creativity marketed and promoted worldwide.



JI-ai partnered up with the blackstar.STUDIO Valencia, Spain (a dedication to David Bowie) as they share the same passions for creativity, longevity and originality. Combining their resources, experiences, industry knowledge and expertise.


Born Creativity

Combining resources under the banner of the Ji-ai blackstar Outlet Programme JBOP, bringing together talented, creative artists, jewellery and fashion designers as well as craft makers from Uganda. Offering support and assistance with marketing their work.

JBOP Ji-ai News Meeting

Uganda Shoot

Taking initiatives in having the rugged beauty of Uganda as the natural backdrop for Ji-ai product design photo shoots, adding even more authenticity to the elegant designs of flowing dresses and accentuating vibrance of everyday street wear.


#JBOP Exhibit

Whilst giving back to the community, both Ji-ai and blackstar showcase four JBOP members work from Uganda, in the artistic location of Valencia Spain. Helping to promote and support African art, fashion, jewellery and crafts from Ugandan creatives.


Kitenge Launch

Ji-ai proudly launches a range of authentic Kitenge African print bow ties. Locally sourced printed fabrics and unique in-house Ji-ai printed fabrics are used to produce hand made and Ji-ai designed patterns for both ready to wear and self tie, bow ties. Unique in different.

JBOP Ji-ai News Kitenge Bow Ties

"Sharing the pride of Africa with the world."

We are actively seeking UK and European retail outlets to supply our products to, please contact us for more details.

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